Why do Ants Come Into My Bathroom?

Ants-Why do They Come Into My Bathroom?

Your bathroom should be a place of great comfort and relaxation. You don’t want to feel any sort of anxiety when you are in the restroom doing your business.

Sadly, ants don’t feel the same way. That is why there is a chance that your bathroom could be invaded by them, even if you keep it relatively clean. There are people who have very tidy bathrooms and yet they still see a steady stream of ants coming into it often.

Why? What is it about the bathroom that calls out to ants? And what can you do to avoid them from marching into your restroom?

Why Are They There?

To you, your bathroom is just a place where you can tend to your business and take a shower and clean yourself.

But for ants, it is a place they can rest, hide, and feast like kings and queens.

They are naturally attracted to locations that shelter them from the elements and also give them plenty to eat. They also love a dark, damp location too. 

As you can see, a bathroom will be nothing but inviting to them, especially if it’s messy.

Most bathrooms are usually quite damp due to the heat and humidity from the shower. And there are many places in a bathroom that provide great hiding spots, like behind the base of the toilet. 

Plus there are multiple unsavory items that ants would love to devour, such as damp hair and the stuff that goes down the drain. It might sound disgusting to you, but ants find it nothing but appealing. 

The bad news is that ants love most bathrooms. The good news is that your bathroom isn’t necessarily dirty or messy if you have ants in it. Ants are survivors who will stay wherever they have to in order to survive. Having ants in your bathroom doesn’t mean it’s gross, just that it’s the best location they can find at the time. In other words, the ants are probably in your bathroom because the rest of your house is so tidy and clean.

Ants are also drawn to smells too. And there are many smells – both good and bad – that arise in a bathroom. They will be called in by the perfumes and other pleasant smells. 

And once ants have arrived, they are very hard to get rid of. 

How To Avoid Them In The Bathroom

The good news is that there are ways to avoid ants in your bathroom and they aren’t that hard to do!

Firstly and most importantly, you should try to get rid of as much steam and dampness as you can after your shower. That means you should be running a fan after your shower, wiping down wet areas, and hanging any wet materials out to dry.

You should also keep your bathroom clean and clear as much as possible. This doesn’t just mean you should sweep and mop regularly. You should also wash and clean the tiles in your bathroom, make sure the shower curtains are clean, and avoid anything that can lead to mold building up. 

Empty your trash can often too! Far too many people let the bathroom trash pile up but you have to remember what gross items are left in there. They are all terrific things for ants to feast on. Make sure that your trash is emptied at least once a week.

All in all, avoiding ants in your bathroom isn’t as tough as you might imagine. But it does require dedicated attention to the cleanliness in your bathroom at all times. You should be comfortable in your bathroom. And you will be if you keep it clean and keep ants away!


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