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Termite Control in Oklahoma

Throughout their extensive existence spanning 120 million years, termites have amassed a wealth of experience. Their highly developed senses enable them to detect cellulose food sources and evade common termite traps. Thus, in the ceaseless battle against termite invasions, it’s crucial to deploy cutting-edge strategies like the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System.

At Thrive Pest Control, our approach mirrors this blend of tradition and innovation. We don’t discard conventional methods merely because they’re “old” nor embrace new techniques solely because they’re “new.” Instead, we rely on evidence-based practices to effectively eliminate hazardous termite infestations. This approach ensures adaptability, guaranteeing a solution to any problem you encounter.

Preparing Our Termite Team 

Termites present a unique challenge compared to other pests. While most pests nest in small groups on-site, termites establish massive colonies off-site. Whereas other pests relocate when food sources dwindle, termites persistently continue their onslaught.

Consequently, our termite control teams undergo specialized training. Equipped with a deep understanding of termite behavior, our technicians can more effectively combat these pests. This specialized training extends beyond methods to encompass proficiency in advanced termite control tools, such as the Sentricon system.

How Sentricon Works

Unlike conventional traps that target only the termites’ appetite for food, the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System operates differently.

When worker termites discover cellulose, they ingest it, transport it back to the colony, and share it. The cellulose bait within a Sentricon trap contains noviflumuron, which impedes molting. Consequently, termites within the colony perish gradually over weeks or months, minimizing disruption. Unlike other methods, Sentricon requires no cement drilling; technicians simply bury the traps or install above-ground bait stations for surface tunnels.

As days pass, termites unknowingly continue to transport the poison back to the colony. Since scouts return to the colony upon finding food, they never venture beyond the Sentricon perimeter.

Utilizing advanced tools like Sentricon necessitates specialized training. At Thrive Pest Control, our termite control professionals are well-versed in Sentricon’s operation, having received comprehensive training. Dow exclusively manufactures Sentricon baits, ensuring our team maximizes its efficacy.

Success Stories Numerous studies have demonstrated Sentricon’s effectiveness, with approximately 60 percent of termite colonies eliminated within three months, 75 percent within six months, and over 90 percent within a year. This aligns with our commitment at Thrive Pest Control.

Furthermore, effective follow-up is imperative, as termite eradication is an ongoing process. Sentricon’s effectiveness and minimal intrusion make it a preferred choice for businesses, even guarding historical landmarks like the White House and Independence Hall.

Sentricon’s success extends beyond efficacy; its non-toxic nature and minimal environmental impact earned it the prestigious Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

However, the most significant success story is yours. Only through the combined use of Sentricon and other techniques can your family enjoy peace of mind, safeguard your property from damage, and preserve environmental quality.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Thrive Pest Control professionals—the sooner we begin, the sooner we can provide solutions tailored to your needs.


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