Box Elder Bugs

Box Elder Bugs

Most of the year, these insects usually live in the trees which bear their name. Then, in the late fall, box elder bugs migrate indoors for the winter. These tiny insects usually enter your home or business through dryer vents, outdoor faucets, and anything else which has a tiny bit of space. If you see a box elder bug in the winter, the last thing you want to do is kill it. Their corpses leave a foul order behind and attract dermestid (carpet) beetles.

Year-round prevention is usually important, and year-round targeted treatment is essential to controlling box elder bugs. During non-winter months, Thrive Pest Control professionals use mild chemicals on trees which do not affect the foliage but kill box elder bugs. In the winter, we take more aggressive action indoors to ensure that your family and your customers are free from box elder bugs.

About Box Elder Bugs

Black box elder bugs are about a half-inch long. These winged, crawling insects have distinctive orange or red markings on their backs. They also have antennae which are about a quarter of an inch long. These bugs are often completely invisible except in late fall and early spring, when they overwinter in your home or business and when they return to the outdoors. Females usually carry their eggs until they hatch, which could be outdoors or indoors.
Box elder bugs do not “bite” as such, but their pincers sometimes puncture skin, leaving a mark which resembles a mosquito bite. Additionally, box elder bug feces trails stain drapes, clothing, curtains, and anything else these bugs crawl across. And, as mentioned, when they die, they stink.


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Box Elder Bug Prevention

Vacuuming up these pests and immediately disposing of the bag is a good way to get rid of visible box elder bugs. Some people say you should freeze the bag first. We aren’t sure how scientifically reliable that tip is. Furthermore, if you see a box elder bug, especially in October or November, immediately seal all tiny entryways. That will keep these pests out.
However, for every box elder bug you see, there are probably at least three or four which are unseen. So, if you see one, especially in March or April, you probably have a serious infestation.
Thrive professionals usually treat living areas for box elder bugs, to drive these pests into the walls where they cannot damage your goods. We also treat entryways with a different kind of chemical, so these insects will get sick on their journey back to the trees. On a related note, we treat the areas around your home and around these trees, to alter box elder bug migration patterns.
All these services come with our quality and service guarantees. If you see box elder bugs again, we will come back out and make things right. Furthermore, every time we come to your home, our courteous professionals do they work and leave no trace behind.

Count on us to get rid of all kinds of pests, including box elder bugs.