C. vittatus, or striped bark, scorpions are the most common scorpions in Tulsa and Oklahoma. These creatures also live throughout the midsection of the United States and in Mexico. During the day, these creatures usually stay in sheltered places, like under rocks, among vegetation, or inside homes or sheds. These creatures are normally active at night. C. vittatus are easily frightened, and their sting is their only defense mechanism. Thousands of Oklahomans are bit by scorpions every year. If the victim has an allergy or pre-existing condition, these stings are often serious.

At Thrive Pest Control, our experienced scorpion pest control specialists are very familiar with the habits of C. vittatus. Since we know where these pests live and what they do, we know how to protect your family and your customers from their stings. We have developed proven methods over the years that get results. Additionally, we normally adopt the latest evidence-based techniques, so our services stay ahead of the curve.

Where Scorpions Are a Problem

In the movies, scorpions only live in hot deserts or other isolated places. But striped bark scorpions are different. These creatures can thrive in almost any environment where they can find shelter during the day and insects to prey upon at night. Furthermore, striped bark scorpions are social creatures who are not particularly afraid of people or noise.

Families in Tulsa often see scorpions around pavement stones, rock borders, or other decorative rock formations. Scorpions might also lurk in flower gardens or near tool sheds or garages. These creatures are rather small and difficult to spot. As mentioned, if a child or other person disturbs them, they usually react violently.


Pests We Guarantee

In terms of businesses, car dealers often have scorpions. These creatures find shelter under vehicles, and although they can live anywhere, they prefer hot, flat places, like deserts and parking lots. Outdoor displays, even something like a sandwich sign, are attractive places for scorpions as well.

How We Get Rid of Them

Eliminating scorpion habitats is usually not a cost-effective option in these situations. Car dealers must display cars, and ripping up pavement stones is an expensive way, as well as an inefficient way, to get rid of scorpions.
The Thrive pest control team sprays these areas with chemicals which are dangerous for scorpions, but are largely harmless to pets or people. We sometimes use gel treatments as well.
The best way to keep scorpions from coming back is to lay an invisible protective barrier around your home or business. Since scorpions usually follow the path of least resistance, a barrier usually convinces them to move on. To keep this barrier strong, we normally recommend monthly or quarterly retreatments, at least during the warm months of the year when these creatures are most active.
We guarantee all these services, as well as the way we provide them. If you see pests within a few days, call us, and we will make things right. Additionally, whenever we visit, we quickly do our work and leave, so it is business as usual for your family and your customers.

Reach out to Thrive Pest Control straightaway if you see scorpions on your property.