Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Pest Control
When I was younger and my mom would say “sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite” I would laugh and thought it was all in fun. Little did I know bed bugs actually exist and are becoming more and more common! Years ago bed bugs were almost completely eliminated from the United States. In recent year, with increased travel, more shared housing, and some pesticides being banned the problem has returned.

When a bed bug infestation is in the early stages it can be hard to identify for those without experience. The first thing that is normally noticed is bites. While not everyone reacts the same, and some not at all, these bites are usually similar to that of a mosquito, red itchy welts on the arms and shoulders. Bed bugs also leave blood smears, and fecal spots as a result of feeding, as well as shed skins between each life stage.

The actual bed bug changes its color as it progresses to maturity. They start out as a tiny white egg, often attached to the headboard or seams of mattresses. After hatching they are a light yellow, almost see through and very small. Each stage they progress through the bugs get darker and increase in size. A mature adult is similar to a flat tick, a rusty-brown color, about the size of an apple seed.

The first step is a thorough inspection to confirm an infestation. Once we confirm the issue we will tailor our process to fit your home and issues. There is some prep work to do and once completed the treatments can start. This normally consists of the use of heat, mechanical control, chemical control, and monitoring, and a few treatments. Multiple treatments are required because bed bugs can lay eggs every day, and those eggs can stay dormant for a time before hatching.

These treatments are best left to a professional. Often people will attempt to treat the problem themselves through getting rid of infested items or purchasing over the counter products. This results in more of a band-aid on the problem, expense in replacing items and seldom elimination of the issue. Call Thrive pest control to get your Bed bug service started! Once our program is completed we include a Bed Bug Warranty to ensure the problem is gone for good!

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