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Are you looking for pest control services in Oologah? Don’t worry because we, at Thrive Pest Control, have got you covered. Whether it’s bedbugs or roaches, we have a solution for all types of pests. We have years of experience in this field, and our loyal customers can vouch for our service quality. We also ensure that everything has been done to prevent these pesky creatures from coming back to your house.pest control Oologah OK

Oologah has a diverse ecosystem, and different types of pests are found here. At Thrive Pest Control, we follow a completely eco-friendly process of managing a pest infestation. We have both ongoing and one-time services, and our team is committed to providing our clients with the best possible solution for their problems. We offer both commercial and residential pest management services. So, if you suspect a pest problem, don’t waste time and give us a call today.

What to Expect During a Visit From the Pest Control Team?

If this is your first time with a pest control service, you might be wondering what to expect when the team visits. For starters, we do not begin the treatment right away. We will first send a team to inspect your property and understand the extent of the problem. After that, the team will devise a custom-made plan for your current situation. The plan will be made after considering anything special that you might have in mind, and it will be the best approach for dealing with the pests. But if you want to know what exactly happens when the team goes to your property, here’s a breakdown of the procedures –

  • The inspection that the technicians perform usually constitutes evaluating your home both inside and outside to identify all possible entry points for pests.
  • The technicians will also start looking for any damaged wood. It helps in narrowing down the type of pests you might have. Not every type of pest will affect the wood, but some eat away wooden surfaces from within, making them completely hollow. It destroys the structural integrity of that wooden part. Ordinary people can’t tell from the damage what type of pest has done it. But our experts have been trained to differentiate between pests through the kind of damage they do. They can tell by seeing the wooden structure exactly what pest has done it and what measures can be taken.
  • Pests do not always nest in areas that are visible to your eyes at once. This is what makes the task of finding the nesting regions so challenging. But our technicians will use thermal imaging cameras that help to detect pest activity at once. It makes the targeted treatment easier.
  • Pests love to stay in corners that are dark and damp. Every house usually has one such corner that is full of moisture. Our technicians will use moisture meters to make this inspection even more accurate.
  • They will look for any dirt or mud around the house, which is also a sign of pests. Some insects also tend to shed their wings, and spotting these around the house is a clear sign of infestation. Sometimes when the infestation has reached a peak point, these wings can be found in piles. Similarly, something else that’s common to almost all pests is leaving behind feces around the property. Our technicians are trained at identifying pests from their feces, so these serve as important clues.
  • Brittle drywall or bubbling paint can also sometimes be the workings of some pest. But these can be confused as typical structural problems. Only a trained professional will be able to tell the difference.
  • In fact, at times, faulty plugs or any other electrical issues can be due to some pest activity, and so, our technicians will look for such things as well.

We advise all our clients to be present during these inspections. We understand that you might have a hectic schedule. In that case, we will fully cooperate with you to come for an inspection at your suitable time. But your presence is beneficial because then, our team will be able to show you the points of concern at once and explain to you what would be the best approach for such a situation.

Why Choose Thrive Pest Control?

If you are wondering why you must choose Thrive Pest Control out of all the other options you have in Oologah, here are some reasons that should help you make up your mind –

  • We focus on quality above everything else. We believe in providing our clients with the best possible service without breaking the bank.
  • We understand that it’s important to clients to stay in constant touch with the pest control service for updates, and we respect that. We always try to answer your queries at once so that you know what to expect when you hire us. We believe in accountability and always try to adhere to the highest standards in this industry.
  • Appearances do matter, and so our technicians are all well-dressed and are trained in professionalism. And this applies to our staff and salespeople as well.
  • We keep upgrading to the latest tools and methods in this industry so that we can keep delivering the best-in-class service to you.
  • We provide a healthy work environment to our team where they keep learning new things every day. We bring them innovative technologies and the best instructors so that they can learn to use them and adopt the safest procedures in pest control.
  • Lastly, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all concept when it comes to pest control. That is why we offer a customized solution to our clients that is the best possible approach for their situation. We devised this approach to be perfectly tailored to all the pain points of your pest problem. Our ultimate goal is to see you satisfied!

If the pest inspection performed by our team shows that you have an active infestation at your property, our team will cooperate with you to implement the necessary steps at once without wasting much time in the process. The cost of the treatment varies from one person to the other because every plan is different. But some factors on which the cost of the treatment will depend are the size of the pest infestation, the type of treatment you need, the kind of pest you have, the type of construction of your property, and last but not least, the size of our property.

After years of experience in this field, no one knows the pests in Oologah as we do. We understand what your house means to you, and we promise to deliver it to you in the best possible state after our treatment. We try our best to save your house from any further damage. Pests are unwanted intruders, and even though they are small in size, if you let them stay on your property, they can cause irreparable damage. It takes more than just simple determination to fight off these pests. At Thrive Pest Control, we use a systematic and planned approach to deal with the situation. We believe in homegrown values, and we have merged them with best-in-class technology to provide you a superior level of service in Oologah.

Whether you have are a homeowner, an international business owner, or a local restaurant, we have customized services for all types of properties. We believe in high responsiveness and maintaining a constant level of communication with our clients. If you want to get in touch with us, you can simply give us a call at (918) 600-2028, and our team will be at your service.

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