Tips to Keep Fleas Away

Tips to Keep Fleas Away- We all love our wonderful furry friends who live with us. Whether it be a dog or a cat, a mouse or a hamster, these little companions make life so much better.

But they often come with problems of their own too, sadly.

One of the biggest is the attraction of fleas. Fleas are the little bugs that infest your animal’s fur, feast on them, and then reproduce.

Fleas are very small but the headaches they cause are not. Additionally, once you have a few fleas in your house, you will find that many more are coming because they reproduce quickly and will soon have dozens of their offspring bouncing around your house.

From the carpets to blankets to towels and even your own hair, fleas will get everywhere.

That is why you should have a few tips to keep fleas away in mind to keep them away from you and your pets. If you can follow these tips to keep fleas away, your life will be much easier – and less itchy too. 


Why You Should Avoid Fleas

Some people believe they should avoid fleas simply because they will bite and cause irritation and itchiness. While that is a big reason to get rid of fleas, it’s not the only.

In fact, fleas can carry disease with them. If they bite you or your pet, they can spread disease and can possibly make someone very sick. This is the most important reason why fleas should be eradicated. 

They also reproduce quickly and will soon infest your home. And any house with a carpet or rugs will find fleas nearly impossible to get rid of. 

Clean Your Yard

One of the best ways to keep fleas away from your home is to keep your front and back yard tidy and clean.

A messy yard is very inviting to bugs and pests of all types, including fleas. 

You need to regularly clean and mow your yard and make sure that tall grass isn’t allowed to grow. This is a great hiding spot for all sorts of bugs, like fleas. A clean yard will also keep other pests away, such as possums, rats, and more. These animals have fleas and, therefore, can be vessels to bring fleas to your home. 

Use Medication

Something that all pet owners should do is apply medication to their animals that keep fleas away. 

You should speak with your vet to see the best brand of medication. The medicine is usually applied just every 90 days and they work wonders to keep fleas away. This is the smartest method that all pet owners should take.

Prevent Hiding Places In Your Home

Not only do you need to keep your yard clean, but you need to keep your home clean too.

A clean home prevents hiding places for fleas. Clean carpets, clean rugs, clean blankets are just the start. By keeping your home in good shape and making sure it is always looking good and well-maintained, you will keep fleas away because they will not want to live in a home that doesn’t have any place to hide.

When you vacuum, make sure that you vacuum well. Make sure you get every corner of your home and every piece of carpet and rug. But don’t forget your floorboards too, where many flea and flea eggs reside. 

Also, make sure that you pay special attention to the places where your pets sleep. If they sleep in a bed or on a cushion, make sure you clean it regularly. 


If you do all of these things, you will go a great way to help keep fleas away before it begins. By paying close attention to your home and your pets, you will get rid of pesky fleas before they are making your itchy and antsy.


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