What Time of Day Are Mosquitoes the Worst?

There are few things as annoying – and even painful – as mosquitoes in your front or backyard. 

Mosquitoes are not only a pest that can cause you to get itchy and scratch at your skin, but they can also spread disease to you, your family, your pets, and others. 

The worst thing about them is once they find your home comfortable, they seem to never go away. And there are certain times of the year that seem worse than others when it comes to mosquitoes. Additionally, there are particular times of the day that seem to bring out more mosquitoes than others.

Is there any truth to that? Are there times in the day that call out more mosquitoes? Is it all random or should you be aware of particular times of the day if you are trying to avoid mosquito bites?

Certain Temperatures For Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes might be a huge nuisance but they at least have certain schedules that they stick to. If you know these schedules, you can avoid mosquitoes and remain bite-free all summer long.

Mosquito season typically begins in the spring when outdoor temperatures reach at least 50 degrees. 

Once the temperatures reach that threshold, mosquitoes will remain during the day and night until the fall comes and the outdoor weather gets colder.

They come and go throughout the day and there are days when they seem to be around 24 hours a day. However, experts have found that they are more prominent during certain hours and have cycles that they follow.

What Time Of Day Are Mosquitoes The Worst?

Like many people, they don’t like when it becomes too warm outside. Also like most people, this is because the heat from the sun in the mid-day can leave them dehydrated and can cause them harm. 

If you have ever noticed more mosquitoes out and about during the sunrise and sunset hours of the day, that’s because this is their busiest time. That is when the sun is more harmless to them and they are most comfortable. 

After you have spent a long day by the pool or out sunbathing and the sun starts to go down, you will see more mosquitoes flying around as the shade grows and the cooler temperature prevails. 

But this isn’t always the case. Some mosquitoes will remain all day long, no matter the weather or temperature. 

However, ideally the best temperature for mosquitoes is about 65 to 94 degrees. They are usually most active around 80 degrees, depending on where you live. 

When To Avoid The Outdoors

Now that you know when mosquitoes are most prevalent, you should plan accordingly and determine what times of the day you should stay away from the outdoors. If you have a really bad reaction to them, this is really the smartest thing you can do to protect yourself.

Whenever it’s very windy outside, you might find even more of them. That is because they aren’t really strong flyers so they will use the power of the wind to get them around. 

If you are in an area that is really shady, you should also avoid the outdoors to stay away from these pesky pests. As mentioned, they don’t like very hot days so they will try to stay hidden in the shade. If you have a backyard with tall trees and lots of places for mosquitoes to cool off, you should be careful.

Mosquitoes are also drawn to areas with dense vegetation and standing water. Therefore, kiddie pools, puddles, and bird feeders might be a place they fly around. You should take special care to avoid those locations if you are wishing to be free of mosquito bites.


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