Mice Control

Mice Control

Rats, mice, and other rodents are among the most common residential and commercial pests in Oklahoma. By far, mice are the most frequent unwanted rodents. In cages, mice are cute and cuddly. In the wild, mice are quite disgusting. They urinate to mark the trails they follow to find food and their nests. As a result, everything they touch is infected with bacteria and other toxins. Additionally, pulverized mouse feces and urine causes the hantavirus respiratory infection, which has a very high mortality rate. Additionally, mice carry parasites, like ear mites, ticks, fleas, and intestinal worms.
At Thrive Pest Control, we have the tools necessary to detect and eliminate these threats. We do not just mean the physical tools in our toolboxes. We also mean our vast experience in this industry. Our team members often see infestation signs that other pest control technicians miss. And, we know how to apply products and other treatments in such a way that destroys mice but does not endanger pets or people.

Evidence of an Infestation

Like many pests, mice crave darkness and shelter. As a result, if you see a mouse scurry across the floor, there is almost certainly a nest of these rodents somewhere in your home. A fleeting glimpse of a mouse is only the most visible sign of a possible infestation. Other indications include:


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Mouse Infestation Control

Plugging entryways is usually the first step in mouse control. We will point these out to the home owner so they can get the plugged up. Unless these entrances are blocked, more mice will simply replace the dead ones inside your home. A mouse can easily slip through an opening the size of a dime.
Thrive Pest Control team members can spot other infestation signs as well. Additionally, they use this evidence to determine the type of mouse. That determination significantly affects infestation control treatments.
Traps and chemical gels are often the most effective treatments. Our sophisticated mousetraps use irresistible bait, at least to a mouse, and they are largely tamper-proof.
Follow-up treatments are essential as well. To keep mouse from finding a way into your house, as they almost inevitably will, we usually recommend monthly or quarterly re-treatments.

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