Flea Control

Flea Control

These insects are much more than annoying. Fleas often carry diseases which make pets and people seriously ill. Fleas are commonly found in Tulsa and all of Oklahoma. Furthermore, these pests are rather difficult to eradicate. Wingless fleas have flat, hard bodies which are difficult to crush. Fleas often carry tapeworms, one of the most serious parasitic infections a pet can have. Additionally, allergic reactions to flea bites include bacterial infections, skin conditions, and hair loss.
At Thrive Pest Control, our flea and tick treatments include wide area treatments and focused treatments on specific areas. We do more than spray and hope for the best. Although fleas are moistly outdoor pests, we treat indoor areas as well. Pets and people often unwittingly carry fleas and flea eggs inside. So, even if you never step outside the door, a flea bite is a real possibility.

Flea Habits

The number of flea-related illnesses has tripled since 2004. If you see any of the following signs, you probably have a dangerous infestation.


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Fleas need hosts, but they need little shelter. They are usually active during warm weather and dormant, but not dead, during cold weather. During the winter, fleas can live several months without eating. This is one reason they can be hard to get control over.

Controlling Fleas

Overall, fleas are not difficult for professionals to control. These tiny insects cannot survive in adverse conditions. However, the flea control process is quite time-consuming, because it requires through outdoor and indoor treatment.
Typically, we start by finding fleas that are in the developmental stage. These insects do not live very long, so killing adults does little good. And, that’s the only thing that most over-the-counter treatments do. We generally use wide-area chemicals and pet flea control products that are much stronger than flea collars but still approved by local vets.
Follow-up treatments, especially in the summer, are essential as well. Fleas multiply so quickly that, in order to get rid of them all at once, we would have to use DDT or other powerful chemicals. We do not want to do that, and you do not want us to do that.

Contact us to reclaim your yard and your life from a flea infestation, let us be your local flea control experts!