Spiders, which exist in large numbers on every continent except Antarctica, are among the most biologically diverse creatures on Earth. Some of them, including some of the spiders found in Oklahoma, are physically dangerous. All of them are emotionally dangerous. Many people have an irrational fear of spiders, a condition known as acrophobia.
At Thrive Pest Control, our compassionate Tulsa pest control professionals understand both these dangers. To use, they are equally menacing. So, if there are spiders on your property, we quickly take action which preserves your family’s and customers’ peace of mind, in addition to their physical safety. Our efficient services are also highly cost-effective, so instead of the treatment you can afford, you get the treatment you need.

Types of Spiders

The millions of spiders in the world kill an estimated 800 million tons of prey a year. But at Thrive Pest Control, we are much more concerned about the spiders lurking inside your home or business. Two of the most common types of spiders in Tulsa Oklahoma are:


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There are about two dozen other species of spiders in Oklahoma, many of whom are not much bigger than fleas or ticks.

Spider Control

Since even “large” spiders are not much bigger than your fingertip, they can slip through almost any crack or crevice in your foundation or walls. Identifying and closing these entryways is therefore critical. So, do not be surprised if your Thrive pest control technician spends almost as much time looking around as s/he spends “treating” for spiders.
Eliminating preferred nesting grounds is another good way to get rid of spiders and keep them away. Consider getting rid of woodpiles and putting nightlights in dark corners. We usually treat these areas with very mild chemicals which make it impossible for spiders to feel at home.
We take basically the same approach if spiders have infested your business. Where there are one or two, there are almost certainly more, often just outside a building.
Spiders are relentless. Since they are so tiny and their needs are so modest, they can almost always find a way in and find what they need. So, we offer quarterly and monthly retreatments, to keep these pests from endangering your physical and emotional health.

To find out more about spiders, or to get rid of them, connect with us now. We would love to be your local Tulsa pest control professional!