Bed Bug Inspection & Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Inspection & Bed Bug Treatment

The thought of a bug crawling in your bed and even biting you while you sleep is enough to drive many people crazy! Not only can bed bug leave you with itchy bites, they also cause lack of sleep in many cases, and additional stress to your life. Adult bed bugs if seen, are easy to recognize, about the size of an apple seed, 6 legs, and a rusty red/brown color. Immature bed bugs are much smaller, very light colored, and harder to identify with the untrained eye.
This is why the first step in any Bed Bug program is a thorough inspection of the home. At Thrive pest control we know exactly what we are looking for and the most common places they are found. We will check all the beds, and any couches or areas of concern until we have checked everything, or find evidence confirming bed bugs.
When a bed bug bites you, seldom will your realize right away. The bite is not painful, the way your body reacts to the anesthetic and anticoagulant that they inject into you is what causes the pain. If you are waking up with welts, or itching and cannot find a reason it might be time to give us a call. Everyone reacts slightly different to bed bug bites, some people have no reaction at all in the beginning, others break out into a rash. Often the first sign people notice is blood smears on the sheets, or brown spots on the edge of the beds or seams of the mattress. Give thrive pest control a call AS SOON as you see these things. Figuring out the issue and having it taken care of by a bed bug specialist will let your get back to resting well and being able to Thrive again in your home.

Pest Control for Bed bugs

Most state health departments recommend hiring a bed bug control company, like Thrive Pest Control, to eradicate a bed bug problem. After preforming our Bed Bug Inspection we will lay out a plan for your home to eliminate the bugs from your bedrooms, storage areas, clothing, living areas, and your home completely.
For this to be successful it does take some cooperation on your part. While our technicians are state certified, and experienced in control of bed bugs there are some things we cannot do. We will provide a check list to prepare for treatment which normally includes things like: Wash all bedding material and bag it, Vacuum carpeted areas, empty dressers and clear end tables.
Once the home is prepared for treatment Thrive pest control will treat the ENTIRE house. The initial treatment involves multiple steps
Steam: We steam seems of mattresses, box springs, head boards, and other harborage areas. The use of high Heat is one of the best ways to kill bed bugs and one of the only ways to kill eggs.


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Dust: We will remove outlet cover, inject a dust into the wall voids, and replace covers in infested rooms. This provides great residual and stops bed bugs from traveling between rooms.
Liquid treatment: Liquid products will be used to treat seams of bedding, furniture, and baseboards with residual products. This will be done throughout the entire house Carpet treatment: An Aerosol product will be used to treat all carpets in the home. Additionally curtain, rugs, chairs and couches may be treated this way
Monitor: Monitors will be installed on beds, where possible, to not only keep bugs from getting back onto the beds but to allow for easy detection on follow up treatments.
Return Visits: Thrive pest control will plan to return to your home at regular intervals to re-inspect for bed bug activity. On each of these inspection we will base spray with difference products, to avoid resistance, and inspect for new sign of bed bugs. If new evidence is found we will go more in depth in that area to ensure it is addressed.
Warranty: Once the initial treatment is complete Thrive pest Control will provide a bed bug warranty for a period of time. We will make sure they are eliminated from you home and give time to be certain that is the case. If at any time during this warranty period there is concern of activity or your feel an additional inspection is needed simply give us a call.
If you think you may have bed bugs in your home, or are waking up with mysterious bites, call Thrive Pest Control immediately to have a bed bug inspection done and get the ball rolling.