Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

Many people take a lot of pride in making their yards beautiful. Some do yard work as a way to destress and relax from the weekly grind or work. It is a point of frustration for many that all of that time, and often money can be spent creating a wonderful outdoor space only to be forced inside on those PERFECT spring evenings by Mosquitoes!
The wet springs season in the Tulsa OK Metro area combined with the hot and humid summer create almost a perfect environment for mosquitoes and most people deal with them every summer. Not only do they prevent you from enjoying a nice BBQ or letting the kids play in the yard without covering them in bug spray, but they can also carry diseases that affect you, your children, and even our pets.
At Thrive pest control the fight is personal when it comes to mosquitoes and the problems they bring with them. A few years ago there was a large outbreak of Mosquito borne West Nile Virus. David, one of the owners here at Thrive, was bitten by a mosquito carrying the virus while enjoying the outdoors near his house. Not long after he was hospitalized with Nuero-invasive West Nile virus as well as meningitis and encephalitis.
This is the most rare form of the virus and he spent the next 4 months in the hospital, going from intensive care, to a regular floor, to rehab, and finally home to finish recovering and readjusting to life. During this time he did multiple interviews and was part of a Public Service Announcement program, to spread awareness of the dangers of mosquitos. The Thrive pest Control family works to prevent other from having to go through similar experiences. Whether it is Zika, West Nile, Encephalitis, or anything else we want to be there to help lower your risk when at your home.
For many households the family member who spends most the time in the yard is the pets. Reducing the mosquito population helps to protect them as well. Pets can contract many mosquito borne viruses, but mosquitos are also one of the main causes of heartworms in pets.
Additionally our mosquito service will protect not only from biting mosquitoes, but other pests that feed on their blood, TICKS.
Mosquitos and ticks are really only active in the springs and summer months. For this reason we do offer a stand-alone service to address this. The biggest benefit comes when you bundle our Mosquito and Tick treatments with our total pest protection plan for a discount! Let us help you enjoys the summer, protect your family, and THRIVE all summer long. Give us a call today!

Mosquito protection

While mosquitos pose many risks, with the right information, and right approach we can significantly reduce those concerns. Mosquitos make come in mass numbers, but they are not very resilient and surprisingly enough not very strong flyers. At Thrive pest control we follow a simple, but thorough, Mosquito protection plan:


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Inspect: First we examine the property, to root out any problem areas. This would be breeding sites, thick foliage, and standing water
Application: We use specialized mist blowers to apply residual products to mosquito harborage areas as well as larvacides to stop breeding in those hidden areas. We will also apply larvacides to areas of standing water to make sure there are not mosquitos reproducing on your property
Protect: Our application creates a protected area for you and your family to gather. If mosquitos fly in from neighboring properties as they land to rest the products will go to work. Additionally we apply granules to reduce the areas safe for the mosquitos to spend their days.
Maintain: We provide monthly services through the warm months to monitor and retreat so that the population on your property is in constant decline. Allowing the time you spend outside to increase.
Give us a call to begin protecting your home and family from mosquitoes today! We service the Tulsa metro area including, Owasso, Broken Arrow, Bixby, and Jenks areas. Let us be your Tulsa OK Mosquito control experts!