If there is one thing that can ruin a BBQ or even just a nice evening in the yard quickly it is Mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are spread all over the world and the United States has about 150 difference species. All of them share wings, skinny bodies and long legs. While they look fragile they can be difficult to control and are willing to take blood from many different living things.

These tiny creatures are one of the most deadly creatures on earth. While their bites often leave red, itchy, swollen spots, it is the diseases they can carry and transmit when biting. In Tulsa Oklahoma and the Midwest they are known to transmit everything from Zika and west nile virus to Heartworm affecting our pets.

Understanding mosquitoes goes a long way in reducing them around your home. Reduction is always the goal of treatments and knowing where they are living and breeding puts us ahead of the game. We start with an inspection to determine these areas and then treat accordingly. The goal is to eliminate breeding and nesting sites when possible and treating the others. Since mosquitoes are actually not strong flyers, if they are not nesting on the property their numbers will decline.

Additionally we will treat the places they normally rest when flying to eliminate others coming from neighboring properties and ensure that you are able to enjoy your yard. At thrive pest control we have personal experience with the diseases mosquitoes transmit as well as years of experience in reducing their numbers. Feel free to look at our Mosquito control page to find out more. Give Thrive pest control a call today to take your back yard back and begin a Mosquito control program!

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