Wasps Control

Wasps Control

The people who first lived in Oklahoma probably used wasps as a natural herbicide. But in 1904, about the same time as the Boomer Sooner land rush, H.G. Welles published a novel about giant wasps which invaded Earth. Almost overnight, the perception of wasps went from helpful insect to dangerous marauder. Today, wasp is a common nickname for ships, planes, and other military hardware.
These buzzing insects do more than destroy peace of mind. They could also affect your health, because their stings are quite venomous. So, at Thrive Pest Control, our dedicated professionals use the latest evidence-based techniques to get rid of wasps. Gone are the days of random outdoor sprayings. Instead, we use a targeted approach when generates results.

Types of Wasps

“Wasp” is a generic name for several insects which have been around since the Jurassic period. Each insect family has slightly different habits. The most common wasps in Tulsa Oklahoma are:
The type of infestation normally determines the type of treatment, and the level of treatment, our team members use.


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Wasp Habits

Like most other creatures, wasps need food, moisture, and shelter to survive. So, they are likely to nest in places they can find all three of these things. Unfortunately, your home or business meets these criteria.
Since wasps are tiny, a little bit of these things are all they need. A tiny amount of sugar, such as a few drops of soda on a wastebasket rim, can fuel an entire colony for months. Furthermore, a bit of standing water or mud allows wasps to construct elaborate and sturdy nests. Finally, partial shelter from the elements is more than enough for most wasps.
As a result, wasps in Tulsa Oklahoma most often make their nests in:
Generally, even the most aggressive wasps do not attack unless they are provoked. Unfortunately, to a wasp, pretty much anything is provocative. Venturing close to the nest, maybe out of curiosity, is provocative. Running away from a wasp or a nest, which is a very natural reaction, is also provocative.
Wasps are capable of multiple stings, unlike spiders, bees, and most other insects. The stings are quite painful, especially for children. Additionally, many people have strong allergic reactions to wasp venom. Frequently, these reactions are life-threatening.

Getting Rid of Wasps

At Thrive Pest Control, since wasps have such varied habits, we usually take a multi-point approach. This approach usually involves:

Wasps are adaptable insects who can seal with less-than-ideal conditions. Therefore, regardless of the initial treatment, they will probably be back. So, we normally recommend quarterly or monthly retreatments.

If you see wasps at your property, Thrive Pest Control can eradicate them. Give us a call today so we can be your local Tulsa pest control partner!