Wasps & Hornets

Wasp Pest Control
This group of insects have a few things in common. Smooth bodies, Dark wings, fast flying, and the ability to make most people turn and run at the first sight of a nest! Many wasps are aggressive and can deliver a painful sting. At Thrive pest control we are ready and equipped to get rid of these bugs and their nests quickly.

Types of wasps:

Yellow jackets: Small, yellow and black bullets buzzing around. Yellow jackets are very aggressive and will protect their hive tenaciously. Hives are most often found in holes in the ground or under the roots of a tree. On occasion the nest will be found when mowing the lawn and getting to close to the nest. The vibration brings out the full force of the colony

Mud Daubers: These wasps are more of a solitary wasp. They form mud nests, like tubes, on the eaves and sides of your home. Even when threatened they are not aggressive and seldom sting. Even with that being the case the unsightly nests the create and the fear they bring is reason to get them taken care of

Paper wasps: This covers a wide array of other types of wasps. Colors range from yellow and brown to velvet red. They all form umbrella shaped nest, under and overhang, made of cellulose material resulting in a light grey to light brown colored honeycomb. These wasps are typically not overly aggressive but when threatened can sting and cause swelling and pain