How Do Pests Come In My House?

How do pests come in my house- If you are a homeowner, you know one of the worst things that can happen on your property is the introduction of pests. Whether they be mice, rats, roaches, ants, or any sort of bug or rodent, pests are never wanted. 

And when they arrive, they will stay for a long time, unless you do something about it.

The smartest thing you can do is avoid pests altogether. That is possible only if you know the most common ways that they make their way into your house. What are the most inviting and welcoming things you can do – and therefore avoid – to make your home a shared space with pests?


Just like an open door, cracks in the wall, perimeter, and foundation of your home is the easiest way to bring bugs, rodents, and other unwanted guests into your house.

You need to be sure that you check out the most common places for cracks and holes. Such as in your attic or in the basement. And don’t forget to look into vents, exhaust fans, dryers, and other places that will permit entrance to your home.

You can have professionals fill these cracks and holes for you or you can do it yourself with the caulk that you can buy at the store. No matter how you do it, you need to make sure the cracks in your home are taken care of.

Poorly Maintained Yards

If your front yard is overrun with grass, bushes, and more, then you are practically begging pests to come into it. Once they have made a home in your yard, they will then turn their focus to your home.  Then they will work hard to get inside.

You need to make sure your yard is maintained and tidy. That means you should mow it regularly. You should also rake and remove levels, level any low areas where water can collect and sit, and change the water in your birdbaths and fountains every few weeks. All of these things will keep pests away. 

Plus, it will just make your house feel more comfortable and appealing to the guests that you are inviting, such as friends and family.


It’s no surprise to learn that food is one of the most attractive things for pests.

If you regularly leave food out, whether on your counter or in your backyard, you will soon see a school of bugs, rodents, and more coming to feast on it.

If you have small children, you need to teach them to clean up after themselves. Oftentimes, young ones will leave unfinished meals and snacks in their rooms, sometimes hidden away in the most surprising places. That will need to end if you are trying to avoid bugs and rodents in your house. 

It is also very important that your kitchen is kept tidy throughout the year. Make sure that your refrigerator is shut tight and all food is sealed when it is done being used. It is also smart to wipe down your countertops and kitchen regularly.


There are in fact many ways for pests to make their way into your house. They can come in through the front door, open windows, or cracks in the foundation. 

The most important thing is to address why they are entering your home. What is calling them in and making your residence so attractive to them? There are several steps you can take to minimize pests in your house. This will ensure that your home feels like yours and not just a motel for the bugs and rodents in your neighborhood.


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