Five Pest Control Tips For Spring

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Thrive Pest Control has some tips for keeping pests at bay this spring.

Know Your Opponent: Spring is a time when the world, in general, starts waking up. Snow melts, spring bulbs start to push through the soil, and the atmosphere is warmed by the sun. When the temperature rises, so do the pests. Be on the lookout for ants, cockroaches, and mice that want to enjoy the warmth. As you open your windows, check the screens for tears and other openings that a pest might find inviting. Give your home grandma’s spring cleaning. Any piles on the floor, or anything, needs to be removed. As you bring out spring decor, look closely for any unwanted guests. Check your basement if you have one. If it is damp, pests see that as an oasis and start to congregate. Spiders, roaches, and mice enjoy this kind of environment. A dehumidifier will help remove the dampness.

Take a good look at both the inside and outside of your house. Inside check for cracks in walls or damp spots on the ceiling. Those damp spots may indicate a leaky roof. If water can get in, so can pests. Scrutinize the areas under all your sinks. Is there a leak there? The kitchen is one of the locations mice and ants like best. This is one place Thrive Pest Control will inspect. Under the kitchen sink is dark, and if it is damp, that is an encouragement for pests. The kitchen is ringing the dinner bell with crumbs, leftovers, and dirty dishes. Now check the outside of the house. Inspect the roof, are there any loose shingles or standing water in the gutters? Are there any cracks in the brick, stucco, or wood siding? What about the foundation? Examining the exterior for any place pests might get in.

Really search your yard. Start near the house first. Where are the branches of the trees? If any part of any tree is touching your home cut it back. Are the roots of those trees pushing up the foundation? Carefully go through your grass, checking for ant nests, standing water, or damp soil. Wasps need water to stay hydrated; the worker wasps use saliva and the wood as building materials for their hanging nest. Any overgrown vegetation is a lure for mice. Do you have a dog? Don’t leave the dog’s droppings for foragers to feed on. Please clean it up as soon as it happens. If you suspect fleas on the dog, head to the vet and get the problem taken care of.

Monitor where your family eats. Keep all food in the kitchen. Sweep up all crumbs, scraps, and even wrappers. Empty the trash can in the kitchen often. Don’t leave food sitting out. Leftovers need to be in airtight plastic containers and refrigerated. How close is your trash dumpster to your house? Move it farther away from your home. Wash your dumpster frequently, especially during the warm months of summer.

Keep a clean and clutter-free home. Pick up things left on the floor. Don’t give pests a place to hide. Empty trash cans frequently and wash the insides when necessary. Remove any cobwebs from corners, ceilings, and rafters.

Thrive pest control understands that every house, neighborhood, and locale is different. Our technicians give special attention to every home we treat. Our staff will come to your home or office and make a thorough inspection. We advise the owner of what pest is present and the best and safest way to treat them. If a multi-step process is necessary, we will schedule around your time, not ours. Thrive Pest Control is proud to be of service to your community. Please call us for all your pest control needs.



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