Common Spiders in Tulsa OK

As many as 32 species of spiders are found in Oklahoma. This article will tell you about the commonly spotted species in Tulsa. Even though not all spiders are deadly, some of them are life-threatening. Whether you reside in an urban area or a rural one, you will spot a spider in your house at some point or the other.

So, let us now look at some of these spiders and know about their unique characteristics. These characteristics are what distinguish them from one another.

House Spiders

These spiders are widespread, and they vary widely in size. They are also available in different types of colors. Many people do not pay heed to the presence of these spiders because they feed on any other insect that may be present in your house. However, you should not ignore their presence because if they multiply in numbers, you will have an infestation to deal with. They have this annoying feature of leaving behind webs everywhere around the house. These spiders usually love to hand around in corners and concealed spaces. If you indeed spot them, you are more likely to find them hanging around the basement, cabinets, and corners of ceilings.

Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders can be further categorized into over 200 species. The ones found in Tulsa are usually bigger in size. Their legs are spiny and long, and they can move from one spot to another very quickly. They can be brown, black, or gray, and they are very hairy in appearance. Sometimes, people often get confused and identify wolf spiders as tarantulas, but they are not the same. These spiders do not spin webs with the aim of trapping preys. Instead, as their name suggests, they like to go in search of their prey and hunt them down. These spiders usually prefer hiding around the house in gaps or under some debris.

Black Widow Spiders

These are not as common as the other two spiders mentioned above, but you need to be extremely careful in case you spot one. The characteristic feature of these spiders is that if you look carefully, you will find a red mark beneath their abdomen, and their overall bodies are shiny black in appearance. They have this hourglass-shaped body which is also how you can identify them. There are very few spiders in the U.S that are harmful to humans, and the Black Widow is one of them. Every year, almost 2,200 bites from the Black Widow are reported in the country. But ever since 1983, there hasn’t been a single death from it. Some of the common symptoms of a Black Widow bite include vomiting, nausea, muscle stiffness, and intense pain. If you have been bitten, you need to visit the hospital immediately.

Brown Recluse Spiders

These are also very venomous, just like the Black Widow. On top of the head of these spiders, you will notice a violin-shaped mark which is their identifying feature. They have a brownish appearance, and contrary to most spiders, they have only six eyes and not eight. Some of these can also be somewhat yellowish-gray in appearance or slightly black. You should also try to look at their legs because they are usually of a darker tinge that the rest of their bodies. Another noteworthy feature is that the six eyes of this spider are arranged in a semi-circle. Like most other insects, you will find them hanging out the corners and secluded areas of your house like the attic, garage, or basement. If you have spotted a Brown Recluse in your area before, it would be a good practice always to shake your gloves and clothes before use. The worst thing about a bite from these creatures is their necrotizing nature. It means that it can cause instant death of the cells it affects. So, if you suspect that a Brown Recluse spider has bitten you, it would be advised that you visit the hospital or a doctor at once.

Once these spiders get inside your house, they will find a place to avert your eyes, making it difficult to spot a spider problem at once. But if you do suspect it, you can call us at Thrive Pest Control immediately, and we will schedule an appointment at your convenient time. We have been providing comprehensive pest management services for quite some time, and our loyal customers are proof of our quality service. Reach out to us today and prevent the infestation from spreading!



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