Spiders Bixby OK

Spiders Bixby OK

Spiders are one of the most common, and fear inducing bugs in Bixby and in the United States. They can make their way into our homes under doors, around loose screens, through the garage, and even be carried in by accident. Spiders are attracted to the inside of homes when searching for prey (other bugs), mates, warmth, and moisture.
There are thousands of different species of spiders in the world and not all of them are dangerous. Noticing grass spiders in the lawn when mowing, or seeing a wolf spider run across the floor inside is enough to illicit concern. Additionally spiders building nests, and creating webs in the eaves of the home can be frustrating to clean. If you notice spiders moving in around your home simply give Thrive a call, we will not only eliminate them, but also sweep down the webs to return your home to its proper beauty.

Black Widow

When most people picture a spider this is what they think of. Shiny and smooth jet black in color with a bright red/orange “hourglass” on the bottom. These spiders have a long skinny legs and large round abdomen.
Black widows are most often found outside, in areas not often disturbed, very near the ground. Often they are in sprinkler boxes, behind items stored against the foundation, in shrubs, or around wood piles. They do not spin a typical, flat web most associated with spiders, instead a very strong, but messy web.
The venom of the black widow is considered very toxic, but is delivered in such small doses when bitten it is seldom deadly. The bite is more likely to be very painful, and could cause a rash, high blood pressure, and stomach pains. Children and elderly are most effected, and if a black widow bite is expected the victim should see a doctor.


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Brown Recluse In Bixby

Brown recluse spiders are the other species considered to be dangerous in the Bixby OK area. This spider is often referred to as a “fiddle-back” or “violin” spider. It gets its name from the distinct violin shaped pattern on its head. The body of this spider is yellow to light brow, with longer, light brown legs.
Humans come in contact with these spiders more often because they do live in homes, and prefer dark areas that are seldom bothered. Attics, sheds, crawl spaces, closets, boxes, are some favorite harborage areas and breeding grounds. If there is a presence of brown recluse it is common to find cast skins in these dark areas, or occasionally see a spider out hunting for prey. They do not form a typical spider web to catch their food.
The bite of a brown recluse is considered extremely toxic. The venom is hemotoxic and can cause necrosis or dying of tissue around the bite area. The area of the bite can become crusty and red with a deep hole underneath the scab. Additionally it may cause fever and vomiting. Again children and elderly are most susceptible, but any time there is a concern of a brown recluse bite you should visit the doctor.

The process to eliminate brown recluse from a home is a process that will take time and effort when done properly. In addition to special products being used it is important to eliminate their food source and monitor the population constantly. If you suspect Brown recluse give us a call today, we would love to be your Bixby pest control professional!