Top Five Pests in Bixby Oklahoma

Thrive Pest Control is proud to be part of the Bixby community. Our family-owned and operated company provides safe and effective services to your community. Thrive Pest Control in Bixby is knowledgeable about the pests that invade your home. Although there are more than a dozen common insects, rodents, and arachnids that we treat, below are five in the Bixby area, and we are happy to treat them safely.

  1. Cockroaches: According to archeologists and entomologists, cockroaches surfaced approximately 320 million years ago. Although not much different in body structure, their size was immense. Scientists have measured the prehistoric creature and estimated it to be as big as a man’s shoe size 13. We are thankful they are now only 1 or 2 inches long. The cockroach is a social insect depending on its nestmates for their needs. Thrive Pest Control in Bixby knows this insect’s behavior and treats your home accordingly.
  2. Ants: A picnic’s best friend. Ants demeanor mirrors human behavior; it is amazing. For the most part, they enjoy being outside when it’s warm and come in when it starts to get cold. It is near the fall, and early winter ants become pests. This insect is very organized. Each member of the nest has a station, and they do their job well. Pest control experts have seen the results of DIY insect sprays. Each time an area is sprayed, there will be ants that become resistant. They, in turn, will start nests on their own. If this cycle goes on long enough, your spray won’t work at all. Call your local pest expert, Thrive Pest Control in Bixby.
  3. Wasps and Hornets: These flying pests do have a job to do. They control the pests in our gardens and keep plants healthy. What happens when they are not in your garden but your garage, doorway, or under eaves of your home? Younger children don’t always understand the consequences of swatting at a wasp. These insects carry their artillery with them and won’t hesitate to use it. Adults generally don’t have to worry about a sting. Toddlers could have an allergic reaction and need to visit the emergency room. Thrive Pest Control in Bixby are familiar with wasps and hornets and how they protect their nests. Our technicians can remove the nest quickly and safely and spray to deter them from returning.
  4. Bed Bugs: No one likes to admit they have these in their home, be that as it may, anyone is susceptible. These insects are expert freeloaders in luggage, sleeping bags, pillows, and old furniture. Getting rid of them is difficult. Thrive Pest Control in Bixby’s advice is not to waste your time and money on home remedies. Call us about treating these pests and how if you see bed bugs after our visit, we will be back and treat again at no charge to you.
  5. Rodents: Although this isn’t an insect, it is a pest just the same. You know you have them when you find their droppings in and around your kitchen. They gnaw at food in your pantry and petrify people. Don’t trouble yourself with mouse traps and poison bait; both are dangerous. While some people think they are cute, they spread disease and need to be stopped. Call your pest experts in Bixby, Thrive Pest Control. Our techs get rid of them safely without the use of dangerous traps and bait.

Thrive Pest Control in Bixby is the area’s most qualified pest control company. We are up-to-date on the newest treatments and techniques used by pest control experts in our area. We are even better versed in the bugs, rodents, spiders, and arachnids in and about our region. See a pest, call us.



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