5 Fun Things to Do in the Summer in Bixby OK

There are so many engaging and fun activities that you can check out inBixby, Oklahoma. This article is the most comprehensive guide for you to the city of Bixby. Owing to its agrarian heritage, the city is also popularly known as ‘The Garden Spot.’

This article will tell you about five fun things that you can do in Bixby in the summer.

Oklahoma Aquarium

The first thing that should be on everyone’s to-do list is checking out the Oklahoma aquarium, which has exciting and immersive exhibits for kids and adults. It is the perfect place for a family day out, and we assure you that if you are taking your kids, they won’t be able to contain their excitement as they move from one exhibit to the other. In total, you will find more than a hundred exhibits here, and one visit to this place will show you how diverse the world really is. And your trip here is not only going to be fun but also a great learning experience. You will learn so many fun facts regarding fishes. You will also get to visit a 120-year old snapping turtle and a prehistoric paddlefish. After going through these sections, you can then visit the Oklahoma stream to see several other creatures like beavers, raccoons, and river otters. This place also has a separate section known as the EcoZone. Here you will learn so many things about different waters and reefs around the world. Your kids will especially enjoy this part because they can actually touch the waters and feel a sea urchin or a starfish. All in all, there is so much to see, do, and learn; you are never really going to get bored.

Escape Hatch

For everyone who loves escape rooms, you should definitely check this one out because it ranks highly in many places. In Escape Hatch, you will be locked in a room, and then you will have to use different clues present in the room to find your way out and escape. Every room has a puzzle, and in order to solve that puzzle, you will have a specific time limit. If you are looking for some family fun on the weekend or a way for corporate team building, Escape Hatch might just be what you are looking for. It’s also a great way of spending your birthday with friends. So, come and try solving a puzzle!

Lake Bixhoma

If you feel like spending some time with nature, lake Bixhoma is a great option, and it’s not that far! For all those who love staying active, there are several walking and hiking trails here. The place is secluded and away from the hustle and bustle of life – a perfect place for calming your nerves. You can also spot different types of birds around this area, for example, woodpeckers, warblers, Canadian geese, and phoebe. You can pack your food and have a nice little picnic with your family in the wilderness. You can also bring your dogs here!

The Bridge Church

If you feel like going somewhere serene and pray, then the Bridge Church is what we suggest. It is a non-denominational church, and on Wednesdays and Sundays, you can come and attend the prayer sessions with your family. The church also conducts various activities to form a community where the elderly, youth, and kids join hands and have quality time together.

Carmichael’s Pumpkin Patch

It is another place in Bixby perfect for a happy family time on the weekends. The Carmichael’s Pumpkin Patch is a pumpkin farm at its core, but aside from that, it offers a host of other activities for its visitors. If you visit during Halloween, you will get even more exciting things to do. You can also pick pumpkins with your own hands. Some other exciting things you can do here include the animal farm, corn maze, and the wagon ride. For families taking their kids, you shouldn’t miss out on the petting zoo – it seems to be a hit amongst the little ones. Lastly, you can also bring home so many delicious organic items like fudge, pickles, marmalades, and so on.

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