5 Cool Looking Pests in Tulsa OK

Tulsa is a place where you can find a lot of pests. If you own a house or a property in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you must have noticed different kinds of pests. You can find different species of bugs, arachnids, and also other creepy crawlers. Although spotting pests in your house can give you chills, but some of these pests look very cool. Apart from ants, rodents, termites, common bugs, and spiders, there are other very cool-looking varieties of pests in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Here is a list of 5 cool looking pests that you can find in Tulsa, Oklahoma –

Planthopper –As the name suggests, this particular species of pests resemble leaves or other plants of their environment. Sometimes, you will not even be able to spot them. Just like the grasshoppers, even these pests hop and move from one place to another. These pests feed on sucking sap from plants and, in the process, produce honeydew. If there are a lot of these on your property, then they will surely turn your plants yellow, and within no time, you will be able to observe dry plants on your property.

Giant Walking Stick – As the name suggests, the Giant Walking Stick resembles a very thin stick or twig. This delicate pest has a very short life span, lasting from about a few weeks to a few months. This wingless insect moves very slow and can only defend itself with its camouflage and stealth ability. When they feel threatened or disturbed, as their defense mechanism, they will only fall to the ground and stay there still till the predator moves away from them. It is also their natural camouflage that makes it difficult for their predators to detect and catch them. These herbivorous pests generally live on the trees and breed almost all year round. Although pretty and cool to look at, this particular species of pest can destroy your property and the parks in your area.

Masked Hunter – This particular pest species might be cool to look at, but they can inflict painful and harmful bites on human beings with their strong beak. These mostly live inside your house, and it can be really difficult to spot them as they cover themselves in sticky hair and lint, which makes them look very different from other common pests that you can find in Tulsa. As mentioned earlier, these pests mostly live inside the house and thus can cause a lot of trouble and create disturbance in your life. But these pests will only be in your house if there are bed bugs in your house. So, to get rid of these, you will first have to deal with bed bug infestation, and only then will you be able to get rid of the masked hunters.

Acorn Weevil – This is another cool-looking pest that you can find on your property in Tulsa. These pests have a snout resembling an elephant trunk to extract their food from plants. As the name suggests, these pests mostly take out the juice through their snouts from acorns. This makes space to fertilize their eggs in there. To protect their eggs, they even cover the hole with their feces. Also, after some time, the acorn is ready for germination. The egg will fall off from the tree. The grub will get out from the acorn and stay hidden in the ground until it matures. Although cool to look at, that is exactly how they ruin your property.

Yellow Sac Spider – You can find this spider inside your house in Tulsa. As the name suggests, this spider is yellow and looks like it has albino. If you ever spot this cool-looking spider on your property, you must stay away as their bite can be excruciating. Mostly aggressive, they can hide in your clothes, walls, or the drapes. An interesting fact about them is that their flesh color depends on the color of their last meal. It usually is very difficult to notice them, but you can spot them by the black tips on their feet.

Although Tulsa is a fabulous place to stay, it is also home to a lot of pests. These pests might look cool, but getting rid of them could be very challenging if the infestation increases. If you want pest control services in your area, you can call us at Thrive Pest Control, and our experts will ensure that these pests do not disturb your life ever again.


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