Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted to You?

We have all had those red bumps on the exposed part of our body that are super itchy. Mosquito bites cause these. Although we all get mosquito bites, some of you may get it more often than others. Did you ever feel like mosquitos bite you more often than others?

Well, you are not wrong! If you feel that if there are ten people in a room and just one mosquito (hypothetical), then the chances are high that the mosquito will be attracted to you. You are not wrong to have thought like that! We assure you that you can be right because mosquitos can be more attracted to certain people than others.

It is almost as if mosquitos have preferences, but not really. Multiple scientific factors explain why some people get more mosquito bites than the rest. Here are the factors that cause mosquitos to get more attracted to few individuals than the rest: –

Smelly Feet

Do mosquitos bite you more often? Do you have smelly feet? Several types of research have proven that mosquitos are more attracted to odors, especially smelly feet.

Even renowned researchers have concluded that individuals with stinky feet are more prone or susceptible to mosquito bites. A humorous laboratory analysis was performed at the University of Pennsylvania that proves this point. They took a few volunteers and had them sealed inside foil bags.

After that, they exercised so that they sweat. After the odor generation, they were connected to tubes to let the odor pass on to the next room, which was full of mosquitos. The room full of mosquitoes had another tube opening in it as well with no human odor. Guess what? The mosquitos were all attracted to the stinking odor, and none of them was interested in anything else.

It also proves that mosquitos are interested in body odors. Some theories state that mosquitos are attracted to humans with certain bacteria in their hands than others. Some proofs state that if mosquitos fed well on humans with certain scents or odors, then it is likely that they will again get attracted to humans with the same scent or odor. That means if your parents are more prime to mosquito bites, then it is likely that you too will be attractive to mosquitoes.

However, mosquitos are very much attracted to stinking feet. Well, there’s no point covering the stink with perfumes or scented powders as mosquitoes can still smell your body odor (yup, they are smart!). Also, with the scents and perfumes, you will probably attract a few more mosquitos from a distance because they respond well to scents.


Scientists and researchers have concluded that mosquitos are more attracted to a specific color. There is little to no scientific reason as to why. But it has been observed time and again that mosquitos are more attracted towards the color black! Therefore, it is definitely a bad idea to wear black while going hunting or trekking.

Carbon Dioxide

Humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. And guess what mosquitoes are attracted to? Carbon diode! While exercising, dancing, running, or doing any other activity that requires a lot of movement, we exhale more and more carbon oxide

Mosquitos can detect any change in the level of carbon dioxide around them. As soon as they detect it, they start flying towards that area, expecting the presence of a host there. This explains why you get more mosquito bites after you have just come back from the gym or jogging.


Mosquitos seem to have the affinity of biting pregnant women over non-pregnant women. This is probably because a pregnant woman exhales much more amount of carbon dioxide than a non-pregnant woman and has a higher body temperature. All these attract mosquitoes.

Whether or not mosquitos are more attracted to you, you will definitely get bitten by them once in a while. Mosquitos are a major problem all around the United States. Hence, if you want a pest-free house or want to get your house surveyed, feel free to contact Thrive Pest Control. We are happy to help! We have targeted treatments for each type of pest, and we also ensure that they don’t come back anytime soon.



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