Things to Do in Tulsa in the Spring

Tulsa is the second-largest city in Oklahoma which is best known for the many different activities it offers. This spring, you can plan the perfect spring break with your family in Tulsa and experience the bustling life of this metropolitan. You will have lots to explore in this city, from upscale to unique. Immerse yourself in Tulsa’s world-class attractions, high-spirited nightlife, top-notch art museums, shopping destinations, dining experiences, fun destinations to enjoy with your family, and much more. Listed below are a few activities that you must try this spring in Tulsa.

Explore the Tulsa Zoo

The spring weather is perfect for visiting the Tulsa zoo with your children. It might be a fascinating experience for them as they will see a wide variety of animals like the Australian kangaroo, the African lion, Malayan tigers, and South American jaguars. Hop on the Tulsa zoo safari train and explore the wildlife that extends over eighty-four acres. Apart from animal watching, there are other exciting activities like visual displays, areas where you get to pet animals, sensory gardens, a recreated Massai village, walk-through caves, and pre-Columbian ruins. Before you leave the zoo, you might also want to see the African penguin exhibit, the chimpanzee connection, and the sea lion cove which you will be required to watch from an underwater station.

Watch a Live Show

Another unique experience you can have at Tulsa is at the venues hosting live music and historic entertainment shows. You can catch a show at Cain’s Ballroom, hosting such music events since the 1920s. Not only did they play Western swing and rock-n-roll, they even played post-punk and new wave. If you visit now, you will be able to hear the sound of some of the best musicians.

Another place where you can catch live shows is at the Tulsa Theatre. If you want to catch local artists performing, you can visit The Guthrie Green, and if you are into indie music, you can see a performance at The Vanguard. For family ice shows and concerts, BOK Center is the best place to go.

Visit the Space Museum and Planetarium

This air and space museum is also very famous among the visitors. This museum exhibits the rich aerospace heritage of Oklahoma. It displays the aviation history from smoke balloons to how Tusla is involved in the International Space Station. This place is sure to fascinate your children, and apart from looking at the vintage displays, there are several interactive activities they could enjoy here, like flight simulators. There is also a 3D planetarium dome which can be an innovative experience for them. The displays on the dome can take them too far off galaxies and light-years away, whipping past asteroids, planets, satellites. They can even hop into the cockpit of a fighter jet displayed there and experience what flying a jet feels like through realistic stimulators. Visiting the Air and Space Museum can be quite an enriching and enchanting experience for your child.

Spend an Evening at The Tulsa Performing Arts Centre

The Tulsa Performing Arts Centre is a hub of cultural interests where you can find different art forms performed every night. The architectural design of the building is eye-catching and has been interestingly designed by Minoru Yamasaki, the same person who has designed the World Trade Center. In the theatres, these performances are held almost every night of the week so whenever you visit you will have something or the other to enjoy. There are ballet, orchestra, broadway, symphony performances scheduled every evening. The building has an art gallery and four separate theatres. Sometimes stand-up comedians perform here as well.

Fulfill Your Desires at the Local Shopping Stops

If you are looking to go back with a souvenir, local stores are where you will find the perfect gifts. The Boxyard is a shipping crate shopping development where you can explore and find a variety of items. If you want to go back with Tulsa t-shirts or postcards, or other Oklahoma items, you can travel to Tulsa’s Brookside District. Okie Dokie is an indie boutique where you can find Oklahoma-themed items and Tulsa pride t-shirts. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to find local art and musical events at Ida Red.

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