The (Somewhat) Dirty Dozen Pests in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa routinely appears in many published best places to live ranking lists. Unfortunately for area residents, Tulsa also appears on many unpublished lists. Some of the more common Tulsa pests are listed below.

There are a diverse array of pests in Tulsa, but at Thrive Pest Control, we have a single-minded purpose. No matter what pests are threatening your family, we do what it takes to get rid of them safely. Furthermore, unlike some other companies, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with both our methods and our results.


Serious Threats


Fiddleback spiders are one of the most serious threats in Tulsa. These bugs are not exactly common, but they are not uncommon either. Their bites can cause serious illness or even death. Additionally, fiddlebacks are not quite as big, black, and scary as black widows, but they are in that neighborhood.

Fire ants live mostly in Tulsa suburbs, but they are found in Tulsa proper as well. Fire ant mounds are much smaller than regular ant mounds. Additionally, these mounds do not have openings at the top.

In many ways, wasps are a lot like flying spiders. Black wasp, yellowjacket, and hornet stings are extremely painful. And, these insects are capable of stinging multiple times. Additionally, buzzing wasps are big and scary.


Annoying Pests


Especially during certain times of the year, and certain times of the day, mosquitos are a problem in Tulsa. These insects do more than ruin twilight picnics. They carry various diseases. Moreover, their bites are rather painful, especially for children.

Ticks also carry many diseases. These parasites, which usually target pets and children, are also difficult to kill.

If you are from the north, you probably have never heard of a chigger. These insects, which are also called red bugs and some other things, are Trombiculidae larvae. Chiggers are tiny, but their bites are very itchy. A few steps in tall grass could mean as many as a half-dozen chigger bites.


Benign Bugs


Not all of the bugs in Tulsa are threatening or even annoying. In fact, the majority of them are downright pleasant.

Urbanization has driven most of the fireflies out of most of the backyards in America. But on many summer evenings, swarms of these harmless flying insects are in the Tulsa area. Many people also have fond memories of centipedes crawling on their hands and fingers. Such activity might not be a good idea, because it is unsanitary, and a few centipedes are dangerous. But centipedes are still fun to watch.

Tulsa’s cicadas, bugs which resemble crickets or grasshoppers, are mostly invisible, but you can hear them on summer nights. These insects live almost their entire lives underground. They only come up to mate, and their singing, which is their wings rubbing together, is part of the mating process.

If you see any threatening pests in your home or yard, reach out to us, and we’ll take care of them.



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