Fun Things To Do In Tulsa In The Spring

When you’re spending time in Tulsa, OK, you can do plenty of things to stay entertained. Springtime is one of the best times to visit because it’s not too hot and not too cold, so that you can enjoy plenty of natural activities. You can also engage in plenty of indoor activities on a rainy day.

Please continue reading to learn the best fun things to do in spring around Tulsa, OK. We will discuss activities you can bring it the entire family along to

Visit The Tulsa Zoo

The Tulsa zoo is a fun spot to visit during the spring because all popular animals are out and ready for viewing. Bringing your entire family to the zoo is fun to learn about animals and their natural habitats. The zoo animal caretakers often host chats so that people can communicate with them and learn more about the animals they care for.

The Tulsa zoo features many animals like otters, piranhas, and rhinos that you can spend time learning about. These animals are interesting to observe and can be an excellent learning opportunity for your entire family.

Visit Woodward Park and Gardens

Visiting Woodward park is a fantastic way to take a lovely nature walk during the spring. Springtime is an excellent time to walk around but ensure you bring bug spray because mosquitoes in Tulsa are plentiful. This can be an excellent location to take photos with your loved ones because this park has beautiful statues and natural plants.

If you want to host an event like a wedding, birthday, or family get-together, this is also a fantastic location because you can reserve an area for your venue.

Visit Oxley Nature Center

One of the best parts about spending spring and Tulsa, OK, is that there are plenty of outdoor activities. One of the best things you can do is visit the Oxley Nature Center in Tulsa so that you can birdwatch, walk trails, and learn about nature. This area offers either guided tours or solo trails you can walk so that you can appreciate the outdoors.

If you’re interested in giving back to the community, you can also do several volunteer opportunities at this location. Volunteering can be a great way to interact with other people who care about nature and feel like you are contributing to improving this location.

Visit Tulsa Botanic Garden

Springtime is the time you can expect plenty of beautiful flowers to bloom. So, visiting Tulsa Botanic Garden goes without saying because they host some of the most exotic flora in the Tulsa area. This means you can find plants in this Botanic Garden that you can’t find anywhere else around you. If you plan to spend the entire spring in Tulsa, you can purchase a membership to this Botanic Garden to save some cash.

Visit Philbrook Museum of Art

Visiting the Philbrook Museum of Art is a great way to spend a rainy or sunny day. There are plenty of exhibits at this museum that you can visit indoors and outdoors. In fact, this Art Museum is well known for the beautiful garden they host that you can enjoy. On the inside, there are plenty of Italian renaissance masterpieces you can observe and enjoy.

Final Thoughts

There is no shortage of fun things to do in spring around Tulsa, OK. Whether you want to spend the day outside or stroll through a museum, Tulsa can accommodate your desires. Springtime is especially great in Tulsa because you can spend time in some of the beautiful gardens in the area and appreciate nature.


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