Flea Control Bixby OK

Flea Control Bixby OK

Fleas are a nuisance in Bixby, Oklahoma, but we, at Thrive Pest Control, have experience dealing with numerous such cases. You definitely do not want the guests in your house to be attacked by fleas when they come over, right? However, once they find their way in, fleas can wreak havoc and cause embarrassment. That is why a flea infestation requires immediate attention.

How Do Fleas Enter Your Home?

There are numerous ways in which fleas can enter your home. No matter how tidy you are, this has nothing to do with it. Even the cleanest houses get a flea infestation.
In most cases, fleas come in with a host. It can be your own pet or any other stray dog or cat. But this is not the only way they come in. They can also enter your premises on someone else’s clothing or skin, probably a guest whose own house has a fleas infestation. They can also come in through some old furniture that you just brought into your house.
But even when there is no host, fleas are fully capable of coming inside because they can jump really high. They can fly in through open windows or doors or through cracks.

How Long Do Fleas Survive?

Fleas usually prefer your bedding or the furs of a pet to lay their eggs. Once these eggs have been laid, they start falling off here and there throughout your house. You would have a prolific infestation in your hands, even if there were only a few fleas in the beginning. This is because fleas lay a lot of eggs at the same time. Within a couple of months, there can be as many as 500 eggs! After about twelve days, the eggs will start hatching, and small larvae will come out of them.


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These usually stay hidden in corners of your house or in between small spaces of furniture or floor cracks. They don’t take much time to mature – hardly a couple of weeks. But this larval stage is often extended when the conditions are not suitable for them to come out, and they can take as much as six months to become adults. They also spin a web around them called the cocoon and stay inside it for about five weeks.
The larva can stay inside the cocoon even longer. In most cases, they only come out after they feel vibrations outside which notifies them that a potential host has arrived. This is also why you will hear many people complaining of flea infestations after returning home after a long vacation.
A flea survives by feeding on the host and sucking up their blood. Moreover, until and unless the female flea has fed on blood, it cannot lay eggs. That is why if the fleas don’t get favorable conditions, they might even die within a week, but if the conditions are good and humid and they have sufficient food, they can remain in your property for even a year. But according to reports, without eating at all, a flea can survive two months on average.

Signs of a Flea Infestation

If you want to be sure whether you have a flea infestation or not, there are some signs that you should look for.

At Thrive Pest Control, we provide swift and professional flea control in Bixby, Oklahoma. We also offer same-day services in case you need emergency help. We understand entirely how worrisome and upsetting it is to find fleas on your premises. So, we aim to help you out of this situation without any disruption to your family or business.