10 Common Pests in Tulsa

When you own a home in Tulsa, OK, you must watch out for plenty of pests to stay healthy and live a comfortable life. Unfortunately, thanks to Tulsa’s warm and damp climate, many pests stick around the area for the entire year. You can find bed bugs, fleas, and mosquitoes throughout the city of Tulsa, whether you’re staying in a hotel or your own home.

Please continue reading to learn which pest you must watch out for when you visit or move to Tulsa, OK. We will discuss where to find these pests and what they can do that will negatively impact your life.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are common parasites you can spot throughout the United States, and Tulsa is no exception to this rule. These pests suck the blood out of you and burrow themselves in your bedding, but they’re so small that they’re hard to spot. When you leave bedbugs untreated, the problem will spiral out of control and infest your home.


Many people wrongly assume that fleas are only bad when you have pets. However, fleas can carry diseases to pets and humans even though they don’t live on the human body. Fleas are drawn to Tulsa, OK, because the environment is perfect for them to thrive. It would be best to give your animals preventative treatment so that you don’t have to deal with a flea infestation.


Ants don’t carry diseases to people, but you still don’t want this pest in your home. These insects can cause permanent structural damage to your home by burrowing into the wood. Also, some people are allergic to ants which can cause severe health concerns. If you notice an Ant infestation, you must resolve the problem immediately to keep your home safe.


Mosquitoes are especially bad in Tulsa, OK, because the weather allows them to thrive year-round. These mosquitoes can carry illnesses you can usually avoid by wearing bug spray and staying covered while you’re outside. Mosquitoes also bite you and cause uncomfortable itching.


Many people have arachnophobia, so when you have spiders in your home, this can be a distressing experience. The good news is that these spiders will consume other pests throughout your home that carry diseases. For instance, if you have a mosquito problem, these spiders can help minimize the issue.


The main problem with crickets is that they can cause much noise and be a massive nuisance to you. Crickets are awake at night and generate much noise to attract mates. Crickets can also be troublesome in your home because they will consume fabric and leave your clothes and blankets full of holes.


People with asthma need to be especially cautious when it comes to cockroaches. This pest scatters around allergens that can be harmful to your living area. Unfortunately, cockroaches are a common past in Tulsa, OK.


Rodents are dangerous pests inside your home because they can spread diseases. Some of the diseases these household rodents can carry can lead to death. Rodents will also eat the food in your home and contaminate it.


Termites cause massive structural damage to your house and are difficult to spot. If you notice holes throughout the wood in your home, you may have termites you need to get rid of.

Bees, Wasps, and Hornets

These stinging pests are difficult to deal with because many people have allergies to them, and their stings hurt. Bees are helpful for the environment, but Wasps and Hornets cause more destruction than good. Some bees can destroy the wood structure of your home.

Final Thoughts

All these pests are common in Tulsa, OK, and can cause severe damage to your household. To ensure you properly get rid of these pests, you’ll need to contact a professional for removal. People who attempt to remove the pests on their own often don’t get to the root of the issue.


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