Owasso Oklahoma

Owasso is known as part of the ‘green country’ in Oklahoma due to the beautiful vegetation, hills and lakes that surround it. The city has a reputation as an All-American town: Strong families, good job opportunities, great schools, even a city sponsored character program. But underneath you find a hard working city that is growing fast, has an inviting cost of living and even a high-ranking walkability score.

The town proudly celebrates its Indian heritage and the cattle ranches and railroad that made it famous. The name Owasso, (meaning end of the trail) was officially determined in 1900 because the railroad tracks ended there. Today you find successful businesses like American Airlines, delicious foods like Andolini’s Pizzeria, and a bustling downtown area.

Owasso is safe and comfortable. It’s close enough to Tulsa for arts, entertainment, malls, and sports, but far enough away to make it feel like your own town. No wonder it was recognized as one of the best places to raise a family.

At Thrive Pest Control we are glad to be able to serve the good people of Owasso. Our company is a family business that believes in the same qualities Owasso teaches: Hard work, honesty, value for your dollar and standing behind our name, We have well-trained, friendly employees who will treat your home and property just like they would treat their own. We are anxious to get to know you, please call for our personalized, free estimate.